About Us

4 Years in boutique

About Us

Aitijhya- a small boutique run by 17 women and owned by Laboni Mukherjee, is a tribute to Tradition.

We all know that India is a land of culture and tradition and Aitijhya in a small way is bringing this wonderful Indianness into our homes with traditional weaves for all states across India.

The Gamcha, Jamdani, Benarsai, Assamese Gamusha, Sambhalpuri, Phulkari, Ikkat, Begumpuri, Kerela Cotton, Kanjeevaram, Ajrak, Khadi and more such traditional weaves from all over India can be a part of your wardrobe too.

You will get sarees, dresses, kurtas, shirts, blouses, tops and many more silhouettes where the designs are made to cater to your taste and exclusivity.

Aitijhya is not just a fashion boutique but a house of traditions.

Let the Indian-ness show.

A word from the designer:

When I was young I loved dressing up in Indian attire. Growing up I realised that Indian weaves are mostly used to make Indian garments only. I wanted to change this mindset and decided to use Indian weaves in making semi western and western garments like gowns and shirts. Aitijhya is a humble initiative to show the world how our tradition can blend with modernity.

I request you all to please help me in taking this endeavour forward.

Laboni Mukherjee